Monday, 7 July 2014

Men for God: To be a Man is to Take Responsibility

These are the eight words I want to tell to all the men in Tyne and Wear – and everywhere else. And if you take them to heart, your life will be changed.
If a few men will take this to heart, we will turn the North East the right way up (Acts 17:6).
Men. You have no right to tell your wife what to do. You have no right to run your churches or to influence society at large through your skills.
But you do have a responsibility. In the kingdom of God, we have no rights. Only mercies. So let's leave any talk about rights to one side.
Be a man. Take responsibility. If you are shirking responsibility, you are not being a man. It's that simple. So where do your responsibilities lie?
1. You are responsible for yourself.
Take responsibility for your sins and decisively turn from them. It's called repentance. Stop blaming other people, your parents, your upbringing, your school, the media, the pastor, the government, your boss at work. Instead of saying, 'I drifted into gambling or getting drunk', say 'I chose to gamble.' I chose to get drunk.' And you didn't 'get into' bad company. You chose bad company. And other people are not annoying. It's you that's irritable!
Once you have done that, take responsibility for your walk with God. Do you eat every day? Do you sleep every night? Read the Bible every day. Read it to yourself and the people you are responsible for in your family if there are any. Cultivate a thankful heart. Praise and thank God. Pray every day. Pray daily for everyone you are responsible for in your home, your work, your church. And pray for those who are responsible for you.
Got any vices? Smoking? Pornography? Computer games? Anger? Work on them with someone else. Don't fight alone. Get counselling if necessary. Don't give up. Aim to walk in victory over sin. Keep close to Jesus.
Get to know the scriptures so that you can teach your family, help them when they are in trouble, ask their tough questions. Work at being ahead of the rest of your family (present or future) in your knowledge of God.
2. You are responsible for your family
Are you married? If not, that's fine – throw yourself into Christian service without distractions. And whether you like it or not, you will make yourself eligible by being a man!
If you are married, how many children are in your family? Are you one of them? The Bible never says that you should be the head of your wife. You are the head, like it or not. And she's looking for someone she can respect.
The bible says that the woman – or the wife – is the glory of the man. She's your glory(1Corinthians 11:7). Is she radiant for the Lord? She's your glory remember! What are you doing to cultivate that glory?
Here are some things they probably won't tell you at church. And yet, if you take them to heart, our families, our churches – and the world – will be utterly transformed.
1. It is not your pastor's job to teach your wife about spiritual things. It's yours! Pray with her. Read scriptures and discuss them together.
2. It is not your youth leader's job to lead, teach and evangelise your teenage children.It's yoursYou are the youth leader.
3. It is not your Sunday School teacher's job to teach your young children. It's yours. Teach them the Bible yourself.
4. It is not the local school's job to educate your children. It's yours. You can do it at home. Your wife can do it. You can delegate it to a local school, but ultimately, the buck stops with you. Do you know what your children are being taught and who they are spending time with? It's your business to know.
Be a man. Take responsibility.

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